Eco-Friendly Product
Eco-Friendly Product Forests are valuable! Our unique man-made extraction process ensures preservation of this precious natural resource for future generations.
Exotic Designs
Exotic DesignsBringing the outdoors inside! Exclusively designed wood panels that does not compromise the naturally occurring look and feel of wood species.
All Season Stable
All Season Stable No fade guaranteed! Yes, sunlight and humidity won’t fade the colour of your flooring. Ask your sales rep for our Obsession Seasons Stable Sawn trademarked flooring!

Obsession Product Description

Centuries old, authentic hand scraped hardwood has a distinct, one-of-a- kind, engraved texture and enchanted feel.  Many companies offer machine scraped floors with a repeat pattern that provides a mechanical, systematic look.  Alternatively, Obsession’s hardwood flooring offers an exclusive, man-made process which creates a one-of-a-kind floor.  The result of this technique is that no two boards in the box, or two boards in your floor, will be the same, making your floor completely unique.  Hand scraped floors require less  maintenance compared to those with a smooth finish and also help to hide everyday traffic.  Obsession hand scraped floors  emphasize the natural beauty and character of each wood species.

The outer beauty of Obsession hand scraped Seasons Stable Sawn disguises one of the most stable platforms in the industry.  Seasons Stable Sawn trademarked platform is hand crafted with hardwood strips, which are uniform in density and lay across each piece of the floor. This platform works similar to the ribs in a boat or canoe, holding the floor together making this product more resistant to humidity changes in your home compared to all other hardwood, engineered plywood or constructive flooring products.   Ask your dealer for Obsession Seasons Stable Sawn for a balanced product that is perfect for all seasons.

Obsession Hardwood Flooring

 Great Possibilities

No two boards in the box are the same. Therefore, no two floors are the same.


Absolutely Stunning Design & Functionality












Obsession Flooring is here to provide you exceptional quality hardwood flooring. That’s what differentiates us from our competitors. We at Obsession Flooring understand your needs and expectations, and we are at your service to fulfill them.




Need help conceptualizing? Have a question about hardwood flooring? Our sales team comprises of carefully picked individuals that go through months of training to learn everything hardwood flooring! The vision is to help our customers achieve their dream vision come to life. Contact one of our sales reps today and we will be happy to connect.